Clemson-USDA National Needs Fellowship Program

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions):

What does the application form look like? A preview of the application form is in the CONTACT page of this website.  

How many graduate students will be selected? Four research-scholar PhD students (National Needs Fellows) from across campus (see programs listed in the APPLY tab) will be directly sponsored by the USDA-NIFA National Needs Fellowship program award for three years. 

What are the opportunities and required activities of Clemson-USDA NNFs? All National Needs Fellows and their mentors are expected to be actively engaged and participate in the experiential activities. Annual experiential activities include excursions to meet state and regional public, private, and non-profit stakeholders and research facilities, activities exploring professionalism and ethical conduct in research, discussions on inclusion and equity in the research enterprise, and activities centered on language and communication with the media and public/private entities.

What is the ‘Certificate in Translational Genomics’? Is it required? All Clemson-USDA National Needs Fellows are expected to fulfill the Certificate requirements. More information about this Certificate:

If I would like to be a potential mentor, how do I refer a candidate to be considered for the Clemson-USDA National Needs Fellowship? Please submit a query email using the CONTACT form.

What is the deadline? There are several rounds of application review. The deadline for the first round is February 22, 2017 (Wednesday). Rolling applications will be accepted if not all four National Needs Fellowships are awarded and accepted in previous rounds.

What are the review criteria? Stay tuned for this information to be uploaded in this spot.

What if I am a student that is interested in applying for a Clemson-USDA National Needs Fellowship but don’t know which program to apply to? You are encouraged to go through the program links in the APPLY  page to learn more about potential PhD programs, laboratories, and mentors/Principle Investigators (PI’s). You could then contact these programs and/or PI’s to find out more about their programs and space availability. Then, you can apply to their relevant PhD program indicating that you want to be considered for the Clemson-USDA National Needs Fellowship. You may also send a query with your broad interests to the CONTACT form.

More information from USDA and the Clemson announcement:

Clemson awarded USDA-NIFA Graduate Fellowship Grant in Computationally Intensive Genomics:

USDA-NIFA National Needs Fellowship award: Clemson University 2016-2021: