Web Portals and Cybersecurity:

learn strengths and limitations for connecting basic and applied research outcomes as utilities for stakeholders, growers, private and public sector research institutions and laboratories

Oral and Written Presentation:

become comfortable and proficient in presenting all project stages to diverse audiences (concept development, research methods and experimental design, computational tools effectiveness and refinement, model and parameter usage improvement, results interpretation, explanation of combined results to address original questions, distillation into essential elements and discussion points that are appropriately translated to address the original need, extracting well-supported outcomes to formulate improved future research and development directions)

Project Team Leadership Skills:

develop and improve leadership and management skills, including diversity training and communicating with people of multiple educational and cultural backgrounds

Grant Writing and Research Ethics:

learn and practice ethical scientific research guidelines for federal, non-profit, private-sector, and reputable non-traditional projects and funding sources (for research plus teaching, training, mentoring, and other educational projects)

Interviewing Skills:

improve and practice these important communication skills for diverse audiences and forums, including media and non-technical outlets, non-profit groups, and job opportunities